Curve Theatre – A great Place to Visit

Curve Theatre - A Great Place to Visit

Curve theatre is located at Leicester, England. This theatre is in the Leicester City Centre, its cultural quarter specifically. Before it was named the Curve theatre it was formally known as the Leicester Performing Arts Centre. This theatre was first designed by Rafael Vinoly the architecture alongside Charcoal Blue and Ducks scene, the scenographers. The theatre contains two editorial, one with 350 seat auditorium as well as the 902 seat auditorium. Both auditoriums are opened to accommodate almost 1300 people. The stage is viewed from the street level when the separating 218 tones steel walls are lifted. The backstage area, bars, café and the area across the stage are enclosed by a glass façade. The Curve theatre was built in partnership with the Leicester City Council, East Midland Development Agency, in Leicester Shire Economic Partnership and Arts Council England. After it huge construction works which almost consumed double the estimated budget, the theatre was officially opened on 11 November 2008. During its official opening, a celebration is known as "Lift Off" was held. It was then followed by "Simply Cinderella" on December 4 which ran until 24 January 2009. These were events for the celebratory opening of this grand theatre.  Fresher Carpets Leicester is working in conjunction with the theatre to keep standards high.

Features and Events

The Curve theater is well designed with different features that will make your visit, one to remember. Apart from the auditoriums, there is a well-designed place to enjoy meals and drinks while at the theater. Not only that, but the services are offered with an artistic flair that will enhance that warm feeling in the heart. There are available cocktails and drinks, which are well prepared and served by the skilled staff available in the café.

This outstanding theater is always full of great events, due to its artistic design that creates a welcoming atmosphere. Musical events and great exhibitions in the country are always organized at the Curve Theater. This makes it one of the places to interact with different people in one stop. Another thing about this place is the hospitality available at arrival. The team managing and operating this theater has learned the art of customer satisfaction. Hence they ensure that every visitor at this place will never cease to visit.

When visiting in an event you will not fail to notice the comfortable seats greatly designed. The atmosphere of a clean air which is well circulated and cooled by the available ACs in the theater makes it great. Available toilets are always clean and enough to serve the needs of about 1600 people who can occupy the theater.


This place is worth a visit, at least once in order to experience these features for yourself. One of the most amazing events in this place is "Fiddler on the roof". This live event is really great; the well prepared and designed production is eye-catching. It usually fills the theatre in a very short time, if you don't book the tickets early you will miss out. This is just one of the famous events at the Curve theatre, there are lots more and more fun.

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